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Here you will find a variety of items that are specifically made with law enforcement in mind. Thank you for all that you do, we greatly appreciate you.

STABO Short Haul Harness

K9 Tactical Gear STABO harness was designed to be simple, easy to fit to your K9, and ready for quick deployment. This one size harness will fit most canines between 50lb - 105lbs. It has a rear support strap that is buckled into the bottom of the harness so it can be used without the rear straps if you are not lifting the dog. There is extra padding on the bottom for the dog's comfort. The dog feels more comfortable in a firm fitting harness. Once sized to your dog, you do not have to readjust the harness.  

Ballistic Vests

Patent Pending
When designing this new style ballistic vest we worked with local law enforcement and came up with a unique design of a carrier that has three individual components; that when joined together have a custom fit, yet still have some adjustability within its custom size. 

The 3 individual carrier components can be replaced if damaged or changed to accommodate a different size canine. These custom panels were designed to give the dog maximum comfort and full mobility. This design also allows for quick deployment and for removal of the vest. The vest is made of 1,000 denier nylon, 1.75" nylon webbing and 1.75" D-rings. 

Badge Collars & Drops

K9 Tactical our premium European leather makes our badge collars and drops the best on the market. This is the best way to display your K9's badge with pride on a beautiful, custom made collar. Each collar is custom created around your badge, giving us a wide range of abilities for shapes and sizes.  

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