We are looking for customers / followers who have an unsolicited enthusiasm for K9 Tactical Gear and are a genuine fan of our products. We believe in one word when it comes to people promoting our gear through this program, authenticity.

Ideal Ambassador: 

(All have to be checked to be considered)  
  • 18 years or older 
  • Min. of 1500 Followers 
  • Post actively on your page and stories 
  • Following K9 Tactical Gear 
  • Who love K9TG as a company 
  • Ability to follow rules and guidelines 
  • Trustworthy 
  • No ties to a competing company 

    Requirements per month: 

    • This will be a 6 month relationship, with the ability to add. 
    • Promote K9TG on your feed 1x per week 
    • Promote K9TG on your stories 2-3x per week 

    Pros of becoming an Ambassador:

    • Your own code for 20% off K9 Gear
    • Your own code for 10% off for your followers  
    • 1st to be offered the ability to take photos on new releases 
    • 1st to know about new releases or new product information 
    • Featured on our Ambassador page on our website

    To be considered for this spot you have to post on your Instagram with a photo of your K9TG gear and explain why you love it! In addition, please fill out this questionnaire below and email it to K9TGAMBASSADOR@GMAIL.COM

    Please submit your questionnaire and your post (don't forget to tag us!) no later than Sunday January 22nd 2023. 


    Give us some information! 

    1. What is your full name? 
    2. What is your instagram handle? 
    3. How long have you followed us / known about us? 
    4. How many followers do you have? 
    5. Do you post on your feed or stories? How often?
    6. Are you an Ambassador for any other company? If so, who?
    7. Do you own our gear? If so, what is your favorite piece? 
    8. Where do you live (be specific, including country!) 
    9. How many dogs do you have? What breed? How old?
    10. What are the main activities you do with your dog? 
    11. Is your dog a home pet or a working dog? 
    12. What do you know about our company and products? 
    13. Who do you believe is K9 Tactical Gear’s target audience? Do you feel you engage with that audience? 
    14. If there was one word to describe our gear / company, what would it be?