Q: Do I have to remove my E-Collar from my E-Quick Tactical / Boss Collar to charge the receiver?

A: No. You can simply push the webbing aside to plug your receiver in to the charger. The hole you see in your collar is not for charging. 

Q: Do you accept purchase orders for Police Department?

A: Yes, we can send your department a quote directly. Please send us an email at k9tacticalgearinfo@gmail.com with the products you need a quote for and we will respond as soon as possible. We can bill your department once it has been approved.

Q: Do you have wholesale pricing?

A: We do offer wholesale pricing for specific products. Please email k9tacticalgearinfo@gmail.com for more information.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we do!

Q: How do I use my E-Collar in my E-Quick Tactical / Boss Collar?

A: These collars are not designed to have the contact points poke through to fit, you must first remove the contact points from your E-Collar. Once the contact points are removed, place the receiver in your new collar. Now you can screw your contact points back on with the receiver in place. The last step is to adjust the collar to the perfect fit for you canine and then you are ready to go.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: Our standard lead time is two weeks. We custom make each order that comes in, but our team works as fast as we can to get your order out to you as fast as possible.

Q: I am interested in your badge collars, do I need my own badge? 

A: If you have a badge for your department already, you can ship it to us and we will add it to you leather badge collar. If you do not currently have a badge for your canine, we can direct you to Enternmann-Rovin's website to select your badge to order. We can do this for you to reduce shipping fees. The badge cost is on top of the cost of the badge collar itself.

Q: If I come visit your store, may I bring my dog?

A: Yes! We highly encourage it to help us with potential measurements. Just one request- please let us know before bringing your dog inside the shop.

Q: What collar should I get for my puppy that will fit when my puppy is full-grown?

A: All our collars are adjustable, but we cannot guarantee a single collar will fit from puppy to full-grown. Dog's necks do not tend to grow much after one year. Most dogs fill out, but will not have multiple inches added to their neck measurement. The collars that offers the most adjustability are our Elite Series Collars.

Q: What is your return / exchange policy?

A: To see our policy, please click here

Q: What size collar should I get for my dog?

A: Please measure your dog's neck with a soft measuring tape or piece of string to get the most accurate measurement. Our collar measurements are in inches. If you are ordering a collar that is compatible with an E-Collar, please be sure to get a snug measurement. 

Q: What are the differences in your snaps?

A: The selection of bolt snaps we offer are solid brass, due to their strength and resistance to rust. You can upgrade to a Kong Frog Snap which is a revolutionary directional connector, provided with an automatic clamping that takes place touching the anchor point. It automatically clamps coming into contact with anchor point. The secondary snap upgrade is the stainless steel shackle snap. It comes with a pull tab that will release under pressure.

Q: Will you sponsor my canine / Instagram account?

A: At this time we are not doing any sponsorships. Our vision is to have people try our equipment for themselves. We believe this can give us the most authentic feedback on product. 

Q: Why is the charging hole in the wrong place on my E-Quick Tactical / Boss Collar?

A: The hole you are seeing is not for charging. You can simply push the webbing aside to plug your receiver in to the charger. This hole serves a purpose that is specific to Garmin Tri-Tronics E-Collars.