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Toys are essential for K9s and high drive dog training. Whether used as a reward, to build drive in the dog or to keep a puppy active, our selection of toys are great for any level of dog. 
If you have any questions about what toy is going to be best for your dog, please feel free to contact us and we can give you our best recommendation!
Toys are non-refundable.

9 products found in Chew Toys

Benebone Stick Dog Chew
  • $16.50


Benebone Puppy Pack
  • $12.50


Durable Football Chew Toy and Treat Dispenser
  • $13.99

Low Stuff Crackle Tummiez Raccoon
  • $13.99

Nylabone Puppy Teething Chew Toy
  • $10.99

Gift Box Durable Rubber Chew Toy & Treat Dispenser
  • $14.99

Christmas Ornament Rubber Chew Toy and Treat Dispenser
  • $12.99

Kong Extreme
  • From $15.00


K9TG Bone Plush Toy
  • $13.00