Here are a few tips to get the most out of your K9 Tactical Gear products! 

Helpful Tricks

  1. Remove collar before bathing canine.
  2. If canine needs to wear a collar in the water, be sure to remove any ID Panel(s).
  3. Buddy bowls are tricky to open, try adding pressure to the middle of the bowl and pulling up on the sides!
  4. You do not need to treat our leather with any special products; the leather will get softer and even better with time!
  5. Scotch bright pad and a little scrub can get most of the surface rust on your hardware. 

Nylon Collar Washing Instructions 

  1. Remove any ID Panels from the collar first! 
  2. You can then either choose to wipe down or soak your collar, depending on level of cleaning the collar requires. 
  3. Use lukewarm water with some dish soap! 
  4. Let the collar air dry and you will be good to go! 

Harness Washing Instructions 

  1. Remove all patches, lights, etc. 
  2. Have all your brushes and vacuum hose ready.
  3. Vacuum the entire harness and follow up with brushing the excess hair off, then repeat until desired cleanliness. 
  4. If extra mud or debris needs cleaned off use a damp cloth to wipe down should do the trick. 
  5. Put it back together and enjoy! 
  6. We have an Instagram highlight video of step by step directions. It is under the highlight "Wear & Care". You can see it here