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We carry top quality sport dog equipment for all your agitation needs.  

A company of many names, you may know us as FullGripGear or even Ruff-Life! Don't worry, it's still us and we still strive to supply you with top quality sport dog equipment.


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Rocket Toy Linen by RedLine
  • $30.00

Redline Bite Suit Sleeve 7515
  • $74.00

Decoy Equipment

RedLine Bite Zone Sleeve
  • $199.99

Decoy Equipment

Redline Puppy Sleeve
  • $125.00

Decoy Equipment

Redline Trial Sleeve
  • $199.99

Decoy Equipment

Sleeve Cover
  • From $47.99

Decoy Equipment

Iggy Tug by RedLine
  • $32.00

Bite Roll Linen by RedLine
  • $80.00

Pet Supplies

Mini Linen Tug by RedLine
  • $10.00