Elastic E-Collar Holder Instructions

As seen in the video above, please follow the steps below to properly assemble or adjust your Elastic E-Collar Holder. 



Step 1:

Remove all components from packaging or from existing strap.

Step 2:

Feed webbing up, across, and back down through the slots on both sides of the receiver. Receiver should be placed close to the 'rectangle' end of assembly with prongs on the same side as the product tag. 

Step 3:

Feed slide adjuster onto webbing first up through a slot, over middle bar, and back down opposing slot. Set this slide adjuster closer to receiver for smaller dogs or further away from receiver for larger dogs. 

Step 4:

Slide elastic band over webbing to rest a few inches from the slide adjuster. 

Step 5:

Disconnect Cobra Buckle and feed webbing through bottom slot on the male end/underneath silver sliding bar.

Step 6:

Loop webbing over the top of the silver sliding bar and through buckle, then back through elastic band.

Step 7:

Feed webbing back through slide just as in 3, but now in the opposite direction. 

Step 8:

You may test fit and adjust the collar during this step if needed. Bring slide adjuster and male end of cobra closer to receiver for tighter fit or further away from receiver for looser fit.

Step 9:

Loop webbing back over and feed through slide adjuster before feeding remaining loose webbing through elastic band.