Suede Tug/Rag Combo
Suede Tug/Rag Combo

Suede Tug/Rag Combo

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This tug is made from a single layer of a thick suede hide. We designed this tug to help young dogs transition from a puppy rag to a tug. It works very well for young dogs.

Being suede, it is very strong and long lasting. This smooth material is better for the young dogs who are still losing teeth.

The rag is used to engage play and boost prey drive in the dog, while the tug makes it a smooth transition into tug play.


  • Medium
    • 2" x 10" Tug
    • 10" Loose Rag
  • Large
    • 2.5" x 12" Tug
    • 12" Loose Rag