Straight Badge Collar

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Images featured are displaying our double badge collar.

Please do not add this item to your cart. Please contact us if you are interested in this item, as it is a custom order, at or (916) 652-8333. 

When on the job it is important that your partner be distinguishable as a K9 officer so we provide a means to do just that.

Each collar ordered is custom created around your badge. A great deal of time and care is taken with each and every collar. We use 3 layers of leather where the badge is located so the badge sits deep in the collar to reduce scuffing and marring, but also stands out against the deep black leather. We are able to customize a straight edged look around your badge, or a bowed look to contour around the shape of your badge.
Our badge collar comes in single badge and double badge configuration.

Prices begin at $110.00 for 1.5" wide badge. A 1.5" badge will make a 2" wide collar.

If additional cut outs and detail is required for your badge, additional fees will apply. Badge not included.