Red Mirror Lens Rex Specs

Red Mirror Lens Rex Specs

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Need an additional lens? Get an additional Red Mirror Lens today! This additional lens fits the Large Rex Specs.

Rex Specs were developed simply because our dogs needed eye protection.  We ask a lot of our dogs - days on the trail, hours on the river, and peak upon peak. Both of our dogs were diagnosed with conditions made worse by extended exposure to the sun. After a failed search for a dog goggle that could handle our adventures, we created our own. 

Tested in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Rex Specs are proven to stay on through the biggest adventures to the laziest afternoons.

Rex Specs are now being used to protect against almost anything imaginable - dust and debris from rotor wash during helicopter deployments, UV rays on mountain hikes or simple walks, bugs and wind during sidecar rides, or punctures from sticks and thorns while chasing birds, or squirrels. You name it - Rex Specs has it covered.