1.5" Custom ID Panel
1.5" Custom ID Panel
1.5" Custom ID Panel
1.5" Custom ID Panel

1.5" Custom ID Panel

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These custom patches are a huge hit all around the world! 

Our heat printed and screened patches are flush to help reduce the risk of snagging. Our patches come standard with VELCRO® Brand velcro. They can attach to our collars, harnesses, and vests (all sold separately). 

Standard length ranges from 4"-6" long
Patches are made to fit the amount of letters 
not to fit the velcro
**Some color combinations are dark (ex: ODG with Black letters)**
    • 1.5" Inch ID Panels can fit the following items:
      • Tac 2 1.5" Collars
      • Air Light Collars

      Would you like a single or dual line patch?

      • If you are order a 1.5" inch or 1.75" inch patch you are able to have the text appear in a single or dual line. 

      Pick your background color:

      • You choose! This is the panel color for your patch.

      Pick your lettering color:

      • These are a true custom item, go ahead and pick what lettering color you think will look best!

      What product will this patch be used on?

      • We like to get as much information as possible so we can make your patch have the best fit!
      • It's no problem if this patch isn't going on one of our products, but if it is going on one of our products we would love to know which one.

      Do you need your patch to fit with another patch or need to be made a specific length?

      • Some of our collars, like the Tac 2, can fit two patches at once. If you want to be able to wear two at once we need to know ahead of time so we can size them appropriately. Not all collars can accommodate two patches.
      • We can accommodate specific length requirements as long as they don't exceed 6" inches. 
      • Are you reordering new patches for a current collar you have? Do you want your new patch to fit with a current one? Please let us know the length you need your new patch to be or let us know how much velcro is remaining for your new patch! 

      We are working on getting photos of more color combinations, but in the meantime check out our feed and ID Panel highlighted story on our Instagram to see more color combinations! https://www.instagram.com/k9tacticalgear/


      We screen the patches in all capitals. If you would like a more custom font type please contact us at (916) 652-8333 or k9tacticalgearinfo@gmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate. 

      We only guarantee patches up to 6 months after purchase.

      Custom ID Panels are non-refundable.