Basket Muzzle

Basket Muzzle

Regular price $139.00

Priced well below many other equipment dealers price. The workmanship on this Leather Dog muzzle is incredible. Our finest leather dog muzzle. A felt liner has been sewn into the top part of the muzzle to prevent chaffing of the leather on the top of your dog's nose. The Basket Leather Dog Muzzle has great ventilation with lots of adjustability enabling you to fit your dog as well as possible.

Available in Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.

  • Medium fits most medium Malinois and small GSD 
    • Length 4" x Girth 12"
  • Large fits large Malinois and medium to large GSD
    • Length 4" x Girth 13"
  • X-Large fits most large GSD 
    • Length 4.5" x Girth 14"

How to Determine Muzzle Size

  1. Measure from the tip of the nose to the eyes (length of muzzle).
  2. Measure around the muzzle at the widest part (girth of muzzle).