Leather Jerk Tab
Leather Jerk Tab
Leather Jerk Tab

Leather Jerk Tab

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Our jerk tabs are an easy way to maintain control of your dog when they are off leash. Designed for ease and convenience, these leashes enable you to grab your dog or give a correction without having to use a full length leash.

Many people attach the jerk tab to the prong collar for a quick correction.

Product Specs:

  • 8" Long from end to end
  • Hardware
    • All bolt snaps are solid brass
    • We hand braid the snap onto the leash instead of stitching because we feel it is safer and stronger
      • Thread can deteriorate due to wear and sun, but the braid is strong and will not fail
    • You can also upgrade to a Frog snap or shackle snap
  • Leather
    • High-quality leather tanned for extreme conditions
    • Not affected by water, sun, or sand
    • Safer than others on the market because the durability of the leather is not affected by extreme working conditions
    • Does not need to be conditioned to keep it from drying out and it will not get "gummy" when wet

If you need a more custom length/product please contact us at k9tacticalgearinfo@gmail.com or (916) 652-8333.