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The all new K9 Tactical Gear collar was built with dogs of all activity levels and fashion sense in mind. Is it a beefed up Air Light? Is it a 1.5" Original Tac collar? Is it a little bit of both? We took key features from our other collars in our line and blended them into one unique collar. It is equipped with a 1.5" forged steel v-ring just like the 1.75" collars. It uses the slide adjuster from the 1.5" Tac 2" and the 1.5" pliable pet webbing from the Air Light. We then give you the option between the polymer cobra like the Air Light, or the all new 1.5" aluminum Cobra. It can be customized to your desire with the buckle options. This collar can be worn for any occasion or any adventure!



First ply is a 1.5" pet webbing for strength and durability. The second ply is a 1.5" pack webbing for a sleek design, added rigidity, and multiple color options. 

*Please note the patterned styles fade quicker due to the pattern*



1.5" Austria Alpin Cobra Buckle or 1.5" Cobra GT 

Black Coated 38MM V-Ring

Black Coated Brass Slide Adjuster 

*see product spec photo for break strength & weight 




This collar is not to be used with a tie out. 
Not to be used in agitation/protection training.
This collar is not recommenced for Police K9 work. 

Velcro Sizing
15"-17" : Approximately 6"
16"-19" : Approximately 6"
18"-23" : Approximately 6"

 ID Panels sold separately. To purchase an ID Panel, click here!

This product is designed to fit medium-sized and large-sized breeds. This collar is available in the following sizes:

15"-17" (44cm-46cm)
16"-19" (45cm-45cm)
18"-23" (47cm-52cm)

Larger custom sizes are available per request via email. 

Please measure your pet or working dog's neck with a soft measuring tape or piece of string to get the most accurate measurement. Our collar measurements are listed above in inches or centimeters. 

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