Mutt Muffs

Mutt Muffs

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Over-the-Head Hearing Protector for Animals.

Product Specs:

  • Specially Designed Wide Foam Filled Ear Seals for Maximum Comfort
  • Engineered specifically to properly meet the contour of a dog's head
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Adjustable Straps for Optimum Fit
  • Inner sound-deadening foam is the same density found in pilot's high-end headsets.

Made entirely in the United States of America Patent Pending

The first thing taken into consideration for decibel reduction while designing Mutt Muffs was the acoustic properties of materials used in the product.

The materials were selected on the basis of their usage in human hearing protection devices that gave an average advertised reduction of 20 Db. So that, or better, is the Db reduction number that was designed for.

The second consideration was the high frequency noise that is beyond the range of human hearing. Assuming the noise reduction properties of Mutt Muffs is in the 15-25 Db range at human frequencies, we can assume an even better number in the high frequency range for the simple reason that the higher frequency, shorter wave length, is easier to diminish then the longer wave length of human hearing range.

The reason: the wave has to travel further, in relation to its length, to pass through a given thickness of material. Mutt Muffs are designed not to block out all sound, but to be a passive, noise reducing device that will make a ride in the airplane a comfortable experience.


  • Medium
    • 20-50lbs
    • Head Circumference 13"-18"
  • Large
    • 50-95lbs
    • Head Circumference 18"-23"


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